Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Small space? Paint it bright and dark

I recently did a consultation during which we discussed the merits of painting small spaces. Take guest bathrooms for instance. They are small. They are often windowless (read: dark). They are generally not rooms in which you spend too much time lingering, right?

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Well, unless you have some excellent reading materials to peruse...

So why not stop fighting against these space's inherent characteristics, and instead, embrace them?

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Powder rooms- often called Jewel boxes for their saturated bright colors, can be beautiful.

Likewise, so can other spaces.
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Take this lovely fuchsia room featured on House of Turquoise. Love it, love it love it. Would I have the guts to paint one of my own rooms this saturated hue? Realistically, probably not. But it's pretty cool, right?

My one request would be more balance between the warm and the cool. My eyes are starved for a respite from the overwhelming warmth of the colors, and keep jumping to the stripe of turquoise on the pillow. Maybe a green leafy plant, or teal throw rug?

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Luckily, this space is virtually surrounded by the cooling effects of aqua. So really, it's a burst of color in an otherwise super chill space.

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Marie Brady said...

WOW!....that ceiling! Never seen anything like it!