Saturday, April 27, 2013

How do you deal with pink bathrooms?

I'm working with a client to tackle her challenging pink-tiled bathroom.

We have the added bonus of matching pink appliances.  In favor of a cheap make-over, we decided to focus exclusively on paint.   As I was putting together some inspirational images for her, I realized that my long-suffering, but oh so patient Hue readers might be interested in these tips, as well.

Save the Pink Bathrooms would be proud.  I like their pledge:
"I hereby pledge to prevent the pulverization of period perfect pink potties and to persevere over pressure to part with my practical pedestal where my pint size prince and princess piddle…I Promise!" 

I created this montage for her of "out of the box" ideas for how to deal with peachy pink bathrooms.  These are successful design solutions because they are strong enough to hold their own against the pink/peach tile. Some examples include: embracing lemon yellow and going hog crazy on the decorative accents, pulling in a fun black and white print wallpaper, or adding strong horizontal mocha-colored stripes.

After dealing with my own pink bathroom, I settled on a purply brown that balanced out all that busy color and pattern down below.  Browns, beiges and grays seem to work well, as do stronger partners like orange or yellow.  If you can't change it, don't fight it- embrace it!

If you've worked with a peach bathroom, what has worked for you?


An Eye for Detail said...

What a coincidence...I had somehow come across that very site last week! Thought it was amazing and so unique! I had a pink bathroom many years ago in an apt. in NYC, then my Mother had turquoise for many years. They are certainly tricky.... Look forward to seeing what you and your client come up with!!!

Amy Kim said...

I love this! I have to admit, I always like the tile work and just quality of materials and workmanship in these pink bathrooms. It's a shame to destroy these pepto potties.