Saturday, June 8, 2013

Think you know color? Think again.

I am thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new color collaboration between Kelly Berg of Story and Space, and yours truly.

For the past year, we've been scheming, dreaming, and just plain old hard working to turn our brainstorm into an honest to goodness real, live collaboration. We kept going back to our issue about how there is so much mis-information floating around out there about color.

This junk doesn't do anyone any good! (I'll spare you the source for this one)

We'd meet up for lunch and swap horror stories, or email hilariously bad color articles to one another.  So many old wives tales, color recipes, and just plain inaccurate data get perpetuated, and there's no way to stop it. Or is there? We got to talking, and agreed that Everyone deserves the right to solid, accurate, intelligent color information.
image source
Putting out and sharing information comes naturally to both of us. We both have written color and design blogs for years, and we participated in a year's worth of Color Podz podcasts produced by Lori Sawaya.

Getting together to provide a color resource felt like a natural next step. We are color evangelists, spreading the word so that everyone can appreciate how color affects us everyday, in everything we do.

Introducing, Hello My Name Is Color!!!!

Please check out our website, join our twitter feed, follow us on Pinterest , and like us on Facebook.

We'd love to know how you like the new site, any suggestions, improvements, ideas, things you'd like to see, aspects that need clarifying.... this is an evolving, work in progress, and your input means a lot to us.


Kristie at The said...

Awesome! Congrats to you and Kelly on your new endeavor :)

Rachel Perls said...

Thanks, Kristie. We're very excited to get started :-)

Elizabeth Brown said...

A wonderful resource indeed. I will CONTINUE to follow you guys.

Nicole said...

Great idea! Just clicked over to the site and I was a bit surprised how colorLESS is was. I guess you were going for a clean look but it looks more generic. I just expected to see something brighter and really eye-catching when I heard the name.